Sunday, 20 August 2017

Wolf IX Modern Frontiersman sheath for Fällkniven A1Pro

Wolf Wind took another step further to present the new Wolf IX Modern Frontiersman concept. 

The design was based on the purpose of adjust securely the sheath to the leg and at the same time, to allow carry the sheath on a practical way through the Wolf Quick-Release Belt Loop for maximum safety and great shielding impacts in extreme environments.

On this pro-level piece of equipment, were applied military standards for a modern professional line...

... A Wolf design made for the Pro

For more information, have a look on:
Made to order

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Some photos sent by courtesy of our customers:
Wolf Tactical Belt with Wolf IV sheath for Fällkniven Odin and Wolf EDC Multi-Purpose Pouch 
D.T. (USA)
Wolf EDC sheaths for Fällkniven WM1 knives (customized)
C.P. & C.P. (Germany)
Wolf leather strap
N.G. (UK)
Wolf V Standard sheath for ESEE 4 knife and Wolf EDC sheath for ESEE Izula knife 
C.G. (USA)
Wolf custom Dual sheath for ESEE 4 and ESEE Izula knives with Wolf Equipment Belt
F.A. (UK) 
Wolf V custom sheath for Böker Plus BOB knife and Wolf III sheath for ESEE 6 knife
N.G. (UK)
N.G. (UK)

 N.G (UK)

 N.G (UK)
Wolf Quick-Release Keychain
R.K. (Switzerland)
Wolf custom sheath for Fällkniven F1 knife
C.P. (Germany)
Wolf III upgrade custom sheath for Bark River Bravo 1.5 knife
Wolf Survival Pouch
Wolf Multi-Tools Pouch
Wolf EDC Multi-Purpose Pouch...
R.K. (Switzerland)
Wolf II custom sheath for Fällkniven Frej knife
S.M. (Finland)
Wolf V Standard sheath for ESEE 4 knife
R.K. (USA)
Wolf VII Wilderness sheath for Fällkniven A2 knife and Wolf custom pouch for Fällkniven PXL
O. H. (Netherlands) 
Wolf III custom sheath for ESEE 6 knife
J. G. (Austria) 
J.G (Austria) 
J.G. (Austria)
Wolf II upgrade sheath for Fällkniven S1 knife
D.L. (Sweden) 
Wolf III custom sheath for Böker Plus Rold knife
B.R. (Spain) 
Wolf II custom sheath for Perki (Damascus bushcraft knife) and Wolf Multi-Tools Pouch 
A.H. (Germany)
Wolf V Advanced custom sheath for Böker Plus Scout knife
Wolf IV Survival custom sheaths for Böker Plus Rold knives
J.V. (USA) 
Wolf custom sheath for Kukri Kabar knife
A.H. (UK)
Wolf V Advanced custom sheath for ESEE 4 knife
A.S. (USA)
Thank you all...
Sincerely Yours,
Manuel Janeiro
Wolf Wind Leatherworks 

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

NEW Wolf Wind Projects are taking shape and will be presented during this summer...

Sincerely Yours,
Manuel Janeiro
Wolf Wind Leatherworks

Sunday, 9 April 2017

A custom order from an old friend
Wolf II Bushcraft custom sheath for Fällkniven Idun and Wolf Equipment Pouch
Wolf Wind Leatherworks

Saturday, 25 March 2017

One example of a Wolf Wind setup system for a customer: 
            - Wolf Equipment Belt
            - Wolf Multi-Tools Pouch for Leatherman MUT EOD
            - Wolf sheath for Fällkniven F1
            - Wolf Whetstone Pouch
Set your Priorities,
Be Prepare and Survive!
Wolf Wind Leatherworks

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

... because great knives deserve reliable sheaths
Example of knives (BUSSE and Bark River) sent by Wolf Wind customers for Wolf custom sheaths.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016


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